Our Story

Hey y’all!
My name is Lauren and this is my mom, Sherrie, and we own Lobo’s! It has been my dream to own my own boutique since I was in high school and my mom has always been up with the trends. I was born and raised in Tallahassee and my mom is a Thomasville native but has lived in Tally since I was born. All of the pieces literally fell in place so quickly and we have no doubt this is where we’re meant to be. My mom and I feel so lucky to be on this adventure together! We can’t wait to bring southern charm with a little sass to Tallahassee.⚡️
The name? If you know you know😉 If you don’t, welcome to the fam! Lobo is the nickname my dad gave me when I was little and it’s stuck ever since. I was a competitive swimmer growing up and he would always yell “Go Lobo, Go!” loud enough for the whole town to hear. Even at my wedding he used Lobo to refer to me in his speech rather than my real name. I knew this name had so much meaning behind it, but I have to give it to my dad, it’s pretty cute too!
Thank you SO much for stopping by and shopping with us! We do a little happy dance each time we see a customer or an order comes through. We love y'all!
Lauren and Sherrie